phpPrintAdmin - a web-based tool for LPRng Unix printing administration

Welcome to the phpPrintAdmin page. We are currently on version 1.0.

phpPrintAdmin is a tool for the centralized administration of multiple print servers in an enterprise network. It was designed to solve the problem of having to administrate literally hundreds of printers at the author's place of work.



If you don't have one or more of the above, follow the corresponding link for it and install it. For the most part, these software packages are pretty easy to install. Additionally, most of these software packages are standard-issue with most Linux distributions.


  • Centralized administration of printers and LPRng queues
  • Database-style queurying of printer information
  • SNMP Printer status monitoring
  • LPD Job control
  • automatic printcap/printers.conf generation (and you can add your own)
  • support for bounce and balanced queues
  • some Samba support

See the -documentation- page to get an idea of what phpPrintAdmin does.


  • only support for IFHP models - not particular options (in the works..)
  This software is distributed under the GNU General Public License